The Management API v3 covers all API calls that are not data reporting related, and are for getting meta information about your Google Analytics account, or to change settings.

Quick start

The most commonly used are below:

  • ga_account_list() - get a summary data.frame of all your GA accounts, webproperty and view Ids
  • google_analytics_meta() - get a data.frame of available dimensions and metrics
  • aggregateGAData() - aggregate data down to the dimensions you specify, treating metrics correctly regarding if they should be averaged or summed.

Account structure

The _list functions show all the details for that particular level of your account structure (accounts > web-properties > Views (profiles)) including creation time, user permissions etc.

  • ga_accounts() - Get account metadata for your user
  • ga_account_list() - Get account summary including the ViewId
  • ga_webproperty() - Get web property
  • ga_webproperty_list() - List web properties
  • ga_view() - Get single View (Profile)
  • ga_view_list() - List Views (Profile)


  • ga_adwords() Get AdWords Link meta data
  • ga_adwords_list() List AdWords

Custom Data Sources

  • ga_custom_datasource() - List Custom Data Sources
  • ga_custom_upload() - Custom Data Source Upload Status


  • ga_experiment() - Experiments Meta data
  • ga_experiment_list() - List Experiments

View Filters

The filter edit functions are contributed by @zselinger which allow you to update filters for your Google Analytics views at scale.

  • ga_filter() - Get specific filter for account
  • ga_filter_add() - Create a new filter and add it to the view (optional).
  • ga_filter_apply_to_view() - Apply an existing filter to view.
  • ga_filter_delete() - Delete a filter from account or remove from view.
  • ga_filter_list() - List filters for account
  • ga_filter_update() - Updates an existing filter.
  • ga_filter_update_filter_link() - Update an existing profile filter link. Patch semantics supported
  • ga_filter_view() - Get specific filter for view (profile)
  • ga_filter_view_list() - List filters for view (profile)


  • ga_goal() - Get goal
  • ga_goal_list() - List goals

Remarketing segments

  • ga_remarketing_estimate() - Estimate number of users added to the segment yesterday
  • ga_remarketing_get() - Get a remarketing audience
  • ga_remarketing_list() - List remarketing audiences

Unsampled reports

Available only for GA360 accounts, you will need to authenticate with the Google drive scope to get download access. The download functions are contributed by @j450h1

  • ga_unsampled() - Get Unsampled Report Meta Data
  • ga_unsampled_download() - Download Unsampled Report from Google Drive
  • ga_unsampled_list() - List Unsampled Reports


  • ga_users_list() - List Users for the level you specify

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