googleAnalyticsR 1.0.0 Unreleased

googleAnalyticsR 0.8.0 2020-06-24

  • fix ga_account_list() not downloading starred columns (#284 - thanks @hidekoji)
  • Allow millisecond parsing of times (#314 - thanks @VadimChernik)
  • Update to use cli for nicer looking user messaging
  • Change the default (#311)
  • Allow authentication via a service account key directly in ga_auth(json = "file.json")
  • Remove GARGLE_EMAIL auto-auth on package load as could stop package loading under some circumstances.
  • Add ga_auth_setup() to help walk through some of the advanced authentication setups
  • Fix fetching all rows for google_analytics() when slow_fetch=TRUE and max=-1 (#321 - thanks @wdwatkins)
  • Move to Cloud Build authenticated tests via googleCloudRunner

googleAnalyticsR 0.7.1 2019-11-04

  • slow_fetch=TRUE now respects the max_rows argument (#282)
  • remove trailing slash breaking v3 API calls (#286 - thanks @octaviancorlade)

googleAnalyticsR 0.7.0 2019-09-17

  • Clean up error messages
  • Fix anti_sampling breaking if using date formats “4daysAgo” etc.
  • Removed google_analytics_meta() for ga_meta()
  • Add accountId to the output of Shiny module authDropdown when viewIdOnly=FALSE
  • Add quotaUser to reporting v4 API requests to avoid quota limits if several users from same ip attempt to run API calls (#235) - default is[["user"]] or set via options("googleAuthR.quotaUser")
  • Add ga_model_* functions to use GA data (#234)
  • Add ga_model_tweet to enable data viz in tweets
  • Add userActivity API via gar_clientid_activity()
  • Use new authentication setup via googleAuthR v1.0.0 and gargle
  • Prevent use of default client id project in non-interactive scripts.
  • Update docs to use clientId dimension in user activity API calls
  • Update tidyr::unnest to use cols parameter (#266)
  • Add ga_custom_upload_delete() - thanks @byapprov (#263)
  • Fix sending in multiple segment definitions in a list (#253)
  • Fix ga_segment_list() returning data if no custom segments created (#259)
  • Fix ability to list multiple dimensions and segments (#279)

googleAnalyticsR 0.6.0 2018-12-21

  • Add goal management
  • Add ga_clientid_deletion() function (#168) (renamed from ga_user_deletion())
  • Let authDropdown return more than just the viewId (#172)
  • Export segment related classes and implicitly coerce table filters and segments to their appropriate classes in order to improve integration with the ganalytics package.
  • Add support for dataLastRefreshed and stop caching if its present (e.g. query includes today) (#183)
  • Export dim_ga4, met_ga4 and order_type_ga4 classes in order to support the complete conversion of ganalytics query objects into googleAnalyticsR API requests.
  • Fix segments that were not respecting “IMMEDIATELY_PRECEDES” vs “PRECEDES” (thanks @digitos) (#180)
  • Fix default of pivot groups so they include first column (thanks @gilliganondata) (#107)
  • Support for creating remarketing audiences (#161)
  • Support “NdaysAgo” in antisample calls (#209)
  • Support more than 1000 entries in various management list functions (#174)
  • Parse management API list responses into data.frames (#194)
  • Add user management functions such as ga_users_delete, ga_users_update and ga_users_add
  • Add custom dimension functions ga_custom_vars_create and ga_custom_vars_patch

googleAnalytics 0.5.0 2018-02-16

Breaking changes!

If you were using google_analytics() before to fetch the v3 API, this is now available via google_analytics_3() - replace all instances and it should work as before. However, you are encouraged to migrate to v4, which now runs when you use google_analytics()(and for a while still at google_analytics_4() too)

Major changes

  • Add support for resource based quotas if you are on GA360 (#127)
  • Improve support for using different auth cache files with ga_auth()
  • Changed google_analytics to be the v4 API, google_analytics_3 now supports v3
  • change default cache token name from .httr-oauth to ga.oauth to avoid clashes
  • You can now change the rows fetched per API page in v4 up to 100k
  • Add unsampled report downloads (#44 - many thanks to @j450h1 for this work on this)
  • Add management of View and account filters (#108 - many thanks to @zselinger for the work on this)
  • If an google_analytics batch API call fails, it will automatically retry with a slower request rate
  • v4 API requests will report how long it took to help with configurations

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where anti-sampling with no dimensions broke (#149 - thanks @smach)
  • Let v3 API calls use batching when also using other googleAuthR batching functions

googleAnalytics 0.4.2 2017-10-20

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug of argument match in multi_select(#99 - thanks @sdhaus)
  • Fix bug for data dimensions starting with a number (#100 - thanks @kennyengci)
  • Remove hourly anti-sampling as it doesn’t work
  • Use tidy eval instead of dplyr underscore funcs (thanks @kiendang)
  • Fix multi-channel funnels raising error when no data available (thanks @octaviancorlade)
  • Fix NULL validaation if no results returns in v4 API (#81 again - thanks @ricardopinto)


  • You can now set your GA_CLIENT_ID, GA_CLIENT_SECRET in environment arguments and they will be added to the project options on startup.
  • Authenticate on startup with GA_AUTH_FILE pointing to your cache file.
  • Add support for “today” and “yesterday” date values in anti_sample (#112)
  • Add that max is ignored during anti_sample=TRUE (#111)

googleAnalyticsR 0.4.1 2017-06-19


  • Fix attempt to set an attribute on NULL error for anti-sample
  • Fixed anti_sample="auto" math to actually limit the number of sessions for the auto-batches
  • Fixed error when no data present in requested date_range for a view, and max = -1
  • Fix logic of anti_sample_batches to allow accurate day batches. (#74)
  • Fix parsing of ga_account_summary broken by upgrade from dplyr 0.5.0 > dplyr 0.7.0


  • Add warning if using default project, and if API quota is tripped (#79)
  • refactor defensive checks from testthat to assertthat

googleAnalyticsR 0.4.0 2017-04-01


  • Deprecate google_analytics_account_list for ga_account_list to be in line with other functions
  • Add custom data uploads via ga_custom_upload_file()
  • Cleaned up documentation a bit
  • Added auto-authentication if you specify environment var GA_AUTH_FILE
  • Add Remarketing Audience functions - ga_remarketing_get and ga_remarketing_list
  • Add aggregateGAData which will aggregate over GA dimensions
  • Add antiSampleWorked TRUE/FALSE attribute to tables when anti-sampling attempted
  • Add a slow_fetch flag to google_analytics_4 that will avoid batching for big complicated fetches
  • Add ga_users_list for listing users on account, webProperty or View level
  • Set default Google Project API permissions to:
    • ""
    • ""
    • ""
    • ""
    • ""


  • Use aggregateGAData to solve issue with anti_sampling repeating rows (#49)
  • Fix bug with anti-sample when periods included 0-row data (#42)
  • Fix google_analytics_account_list() parsing bug if only one view available (#52, #41)
  • Fix segments not being able to be used in Cohort reports (#63)
  • Fix bug with anti-sample when querying over 1000 days (#66 - thanks @olivia-icivics)

googleAnalyticsR 0.3.0 2016-08-11


  • Add BigQuery asynch fetch to Google Analytics 360 exports, for over 1,000,000 rows.
  • A GA v4 example Shiny app added that runs on
  • New argument anti_sample for google_analytics_4() which will split up the calls into efficient batches to avoid sampling. Includes experimental sub-day hourly batching.
  • Set argument max = -1 in google_analytics_4() to fetch all results.
  • Add fix for google_analytics_account_summary parsing when no views in web properties.
  • New argument anti_sample_batches lets you choose batch sizes (daily is equal to anti_sample_batches=1)
  • Add several management API functions:
    • ga_accounts
    • ga_adwords
    • ga_adwords_list
    • ga_custom_datasource
    • ga_custom_upload
    • ga_custom_upload_list
    • ga_custom_vars
    • ga_custom_vars_list
    • ga_experiment
    • ga_experiment_list
    • ga_filter
    • ga_filter_list
    • ga_filter_view
    • ga_filter_view_list
    • ga_goal
    • ga_goal_list
    • ga_segment_list
    • ga_unsampled
    • ga_unsampled_list
    • ga_view
    • ga_view_list
    • ga_webproperty
    • ga_webproperty_list


  • Fix bug for calculated metrics if expression not starting with ga: (#28)
  • Fix a parse bug if only metrics and no dimensions were used in google_analytics_4()
  • Refactoring v4 batching

googleAnalyticsR 0.2.1 2016-06-16


  • Fix v4 bug where batches over 10000 had extra rows added (#19)

googleAnalyticsR 0.2.0 2016-06-15


  • segment helper as RStudio Addin or gadget_GASegment()
  • Local tests added
  • Multi-account batching for v3 (#17)
  • Add BigQuery fetching for GoogleAnalytics 360 accounts via google_analytics_bq()


  • Fix order_type() for v4 (#18)

googleAnalyticsR 0.1.1 2016-05-25


  • Patch to fix ignoring first row of v4 API results (#16)

googleAnalyticsR 0.1.0 2016-05-12


  • v4 API calls implemented