Make a dimension or metric filter clause object

filter_clause_ga4(filters, operator = c("OR", "AND"))



a list of dim_filter or met_filter. Only one type allowed.


combination of filter.


An object of class dim_fil_ga4 or met_fil_ga4


If you have dimension and metric filters, make the clauses in two separate calls

See also

Other filter functions: dim_filter(), met_filter()


if (FALSE) { library(googleAnalyticsR) ## authenticate, ## or use the RStudio Addin "Google API Auth" with analytics scopes set ga_auth() ## get your accounts account_list <- google_analytics_account_list() ## pick a profile with data to query ga_id <- account_list[23,'viewId'] ## create filters on metrics mf <- met_filter("bounces", "GREATER_THAN", 0) mf2 <- met_filter("sessions", "GREATER", 2) ## create filters on dimensions df <- dim_filter("source","BEGINS_WITH","1",not = TRUE) df2 <- dim_filter("source","BEGINS_WITH","a",not = TRUE) ## construct filter objects fc2 <- filter_clause_ga4(list(df, df2), operator = "AND") fc <- filter_clause_ga4(list(mf, mf2), operator = "AND") ## make v4 request ga_data1 <- google_analytics(ga_id, date_range = c("2015-07-30","2015-10-01"), dimensions=c('source','medium'), metrics = c('sessions','bounces'), met_filters = fc, dim_filters = fc2, filtersExpression = "ga:source!=(direct)") }