The Google Analytics User Deletion API allows customers to process deletions of data associated with a given user identifier.

  idType = c("CLIENT_ID", "USER_ID", "APP_INSTANCE_ID"),
  propertyType = c("ga", "firebase")



A character vector of user ID's


The Google Analytics Web property or Firebase ProjectId you are deleting the user from.


Type of user. One of APP_INSTANCE_ID, CLIENT_ID or USER_ID.


Firebase or Google Analytics


a data.frame with a row for each userID you sent in, plus a column with its deletionRequestTime


The user explorer report in Google Analytics can give you the you need to test.

A data deletion request can be applied to either a Google Analytics web property (specified by propertyType="ga") or Firebase application (propertyType="firebase"). A user whose data will be deleted can be specified by setting one of the identifiers the userId field. The type of the identifier must be specified inside idType field.

There is a quota of 500 queries per day per cloud project.

The API returns a User Deletion Request Resource with deletionRequestTime field set. This field is the point in time up to which all user data will be deleted. This means that all user data for the specified user identifier and Google Analytics property or Firebase project will be deleted up to this date and time - if the user with the same identifier returns after this date/time, they will reappear in reporting.

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if (FALSE) { # make sure you are authenticated with user deletion scopes options(googleAuthR.scopes.selected = "") ga_auth() # a vector of ids ids <- c("1489547420.1526330722", "1138076389.1526568883") # do the deletions ga_clientid_deletion(ids, "UA-1234-2") # userId id_type property deletionRequestTime #1 1489547420.1526330722 CLIENT_ID UA-1234-2 2018-05-20T19:43:33.540Z #2 1138076389.1526568883 CLIENT_ID UA-1234-2 2018-05-20T19:43:36.218Z }