To be placed within .onAttach to auto load an authentication file from an environment variable.

gar_attach_auto_auth(required_scopes, environment_var = "GAR_AUTH_FILE",
  travis_environment_var = NULL)



A character vector of minimum required scopes for this API library


The name of the environment variable where the file path to the authentication file is kept


Defunct; now does nothing

This function works with gar_auto_auth. It is intended to be placed within the .onAttach hook so that it loads when you load your library.

For auto-authentication to work, the environment variable needs to hold a file path to an existing auth file such as created via gar_auth or a JSON file file download from the Google API console.


Invisible, used for its side effects of calling auto-authentication.

See also


# NOT RUN { .onAttach <- function(libname, pkgname){ googleAuthR::gar_attach_auto_auth("", "US_AUTH_FILE") } ## will only work if you have US_AUTH_FILE environment variable pointing to an auth file location ## .Renviron example US_AUTH_FILE="/home/mark/auth/urlshortnerauth.json" # }