This helper function lets you use environment variables to auto-authenticate on package load, intended for calling by gar_attach_auto_auth

  no_auto = NULL,
  environment_var = "GAR_AUTH_FILE",
  new_user = NULL



Required scopes needed to authenticate - needs to match at least one


If TRUE, ignore auto-authentication settings


Name of environment var that contains auth file path


Deprecated, not used

The authentication file can be a .httr-oauth file created via gar_auth or a Google service JSON file downloaded from the Google API credential console, with file extension .json.

You can use this in your code to authenticate from a file location specified in file, but it is mainly intended to be called on package load via gar_attach_auto_auth.

environment_var This is the name that will be called via Sys.getenv on library load. The environment variable will contain an absolute file path to the location of an authentication file.


an OAuth token object, specifically a Token2.0, invisibly

See also

Help files for .onAttach

Other authentication functions: gar_attach_auto_auth(), gar_auth_service(), gar_auth(), gar_gce_auth(), get_google_token(), token_exists()