A function that will turn your ui object into one that will look for Google authentication before loading the main app. Use together with gar_shiny_auth

gar_shiny_ui(ui, login_ui = silent_auth)



A Shiny ui object


A UI or HTML template that is seen before the main app and contains a login in link generated by gar_shiny_auth_url


Put this at the bottom of your ui.R or pass into shinyApp wrapping your created ui.

See also

Other pre-load shiny authentication: gar_shiny_auth_url(), gar_shiny_auth(), gar_shiny_login_ui(), silent_auth()


if (FALSE) { library(shiny) library(googleAuthR) gar_set_client() fileSearch <- function(query) { googleAuthR::gar_api_generator("https://www.googleapis.com/drive/v3/files/", "GET", pars_args=list(q=query), data_parse_function = function(x) x$files)() } ## ui.R ui <- fluidPage(title = "googleAuthR Shiny Demo", textInput("query", label = "Google Drive query", value = "mimeType != 'application/vnd.google-apps.folder'"), tableOutput("gdrive") ) ## server.R server <- function(input, output, session){ # this is not reactive, no need as you only reach here authenticated gar_shiny_auth(session) output$gdrive <- renderTable({ req(input$query) # no need for with_shiny() fileSearch(input$query) }) } # gar_shiny_ui() needs to wrap the ui you have created above. shinyApp(gar_shiny_ui(ui), server) }