List objects in a bucket

  bucket = gcs_get_global_bucket(),
  detail = c("summary", "more", "full"),
  prefix = NULL,
  delimiter = NULL



bucket containing the objects


Set level of detail


Filter results to objects whose names begin with this prefix


Use to list objects like a directory listing.


A data.frame of the objects


Columns returned by detail are:

  • summary - name, size, updated

  • more - as above plus: bucket, contentType, storageClass, timeCreated

  • full - as above plus: id, selfLink, generation, metageneration, md5Hash, mediaLink, crc32c, etag

delimited returns results in a directory-like mode: items will contain only objects whose names, aside from the prefix, do not contain delimiter. In conjunction with the prefix filter, the use of the delimiter parameter allows the list method to operate like a directory listing, despite the object namespace being flat. For example, if delimiter were set to "/", then listing objects from a bucket that contains the objects "a/b", "a/c", "dddd", "eeee", "e/f" would return objects "dddd" and "eeee", and prefixes "a/" and "e/".

See also

Other object functions: gcs_compose_objects(), gcs_copy_object(), gcs_delete_object(), gcs_get_object(), gcs_metadata_object()