This is a package for use with BigQuery from within R.

You may want to use bigrquery instead which is more developed with integration with dplyr etc. Some functions from bigrquery are used within this package.

Why this package then?

This package is here as it uses googleAuthR as backend, so has Shiny support, and compatibility with other googleAuthR dependent packages.

It also has support for data extracts to Google Cloud Storage, meaning you can download data and make the download URL available to a user via their Google email. If you do a query normally with over 100000 results it hangs and errors.

An example of a BigQuery Shiny app running OAuth2 is here, the BigQuery Visualiser


Stable version CRAN is now on CRAN


Development version off github: Travis-CI Build Status


See the NEWS to see whats in each version.


Authentication is as used in other googleAuthR libraries:


## this will open your browser
## Authenticate with an email that has access to the BigQuery project you need

## verify under a new user

If you are authenticating under several APIs via googleAuthRthen use gar_auth() instead with the appropriate scopes set.

You can also use service-to-service JSON files and multi-user authentication under Shiny, see the googleAuthR readme for details.

Copyright (c) 2016 Sunholo Ltd. Released under MIT license.