Jekyll + Github + Markdown = Blog

Hello World! Welcome to my new home for code blogging. I’ll keep the regular blog for all the other stuff, running on Posthaven.


Its educational, and free, and writing code posts using Posthaven’s rich text editor was sometimes painful.

Using this setup means its all written in Markdown so I get control over everything just the way I want it, and since it combines Github and Markdown, two things I know well already, Jekyll seemed worth knowing.


I followed the guide from Smashing Magazine which meant I was up and running in 10 minutes. There were a few things like updating the Jekyll-now fork to include the latest builds:

e.g. I did have to edit these bits:

markdown: kramdown
highlighter: rouge

…but I guess it will catch up soon.

I also would ideally have liked this to appear at but couldn’t figure out how. Who cares about SEO anyhow. ;)

What to expect

I’ll be hopefully putting my R package updates, Google Analytcs / Google Tag Manager guides, R data analytics and general digital analytics stuff here.