Auto Authentication function for use within .onAttach

JSON service account authentication


Perform auto authentication

Check a token vs options

Get the service email via GCE metadata

Authenticate on Google Compute Engine

Get current token summary

Shiny authentication helpers

Shiny JavaScript Google Authorisation [Server Module]

Shiny JavaScript Google Authorisation [UI Module]

Server side google auth (Shiny Module)

A Login button (Shiny Module)

Login/logout Shiny output

Create a reactive Google OAuth2 token

Render a Google API Authentication Login/logout button

Listens for a user revoking authentication

Turn a googleAuthR data fetch function into a Shiny compatible one

Building packages

googleAuthR data fetch function generator

Walk data through batches

Turn a list of gar_fetch_functions into batch functions

Skip test if not authenticated


Setup where to put cache

Discovery API / Auto-package creation

Create the API objects from the Discovery API

Create an API library skeleton

Create a Google API package

Get meta data details for specified Google API

Get a list of Google API libraries