My R Packages

A full list of R packages I have published are on my Github, but some notable ones are below.

Some are part of the cloudyR project, which has many packages useful for using R in the cloud.

I concentrate on the Google cloud below, but be sure to check out the other packages if you’re looking to work with AWS or other cloud based services.


Status URL Description
googleAuthR The central workhorse for authentication on Google APIs
googleAnalyticsR Works with Google Analytics Reporting V3/V4 and Management APIs
googleComputeEngineR Launch Virtual Machines within the Google Cloud, via templates or your own Docker containers.
googleCloudStorageR Interact with Google Cloud Storage via R
bigQueryR Interact with Google BigQuery via R
searchConsoleR Download Search Console data into R
googleLanguageR Google APIs for NLP, Text-to-speech, speech-to-text and translation
googleCloudRunner As easy as possible R scripts in the cloud, via Cloud Run, Cloud Build and Cloud Scheduler

As you can tell, most are aimed towards helping R users with help in digital analytics and cloud based services. You can get some idea of how they can work together in a digital analytics workflow here.


More experimental packages:

Status URL Description
Dev googleMeasureR Send tracking hits to Google Analytics from R code using the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol
Dev youtubeAnalyticsR Access YouTube Analytics data
Deprecated gtmR Superceded by googleTagManagerR
Reference autoGoogleAPI 152 R packages auto generated via googleAuthR’s discovery API feature
Done gentelellaShiny A custom Shiny theme available in a package
Deprecated stripeR Interact with the Stripe payment API, but superseded by another R package, RStripe