Here will be some example use cases you can use googleCloudRunner for.

Since almost any code can be called and passed via Docker images, there are a lot of potential uses.

  • Scheduling R scripts in the cloud
  • R APIs to call from anywhere
  • Triggering R code to run on events, such as BigQuery table updates or GitHub pushes
  • Checking a package, creating a website, deploying it to GitHub
  • Running authenticated tests for R packages in private environment
  • Creating an Rmarkdown powered website using Cloud Run
  • Integrating R with other language applications
  • Public and private Docker image creations on triggers

See the Use Case website menu for some example code.

Creating your own

There are as many use cases as there are different docker images out there which cover pretty much every scenario, for inspiration look around for Docker images that may have cool capabilities. Either make your own or use pre-existing ones.

Some community contributed Cloud Build images are listed here, including hugo, make, and tar.

You can use any public Docker image if you know which arguments etc. to send to it, for example the Slack messages used by cr_buildstep_slack() are using technosophos/slack-notify.