Get a list of builds within your project

cr_build_list_filter outputs valid filters for cr_build_list's filter argument

  filter = NULL,
  projectId = cr_project_get(),
  pageSize = 1000,
  data_frame_output = TRUE

  operator = c("=", "!=", ">", ">=", "<", "<="),



Text filter for the list - use cr_build_list_filter() or a raw string


ID of the project


How many builds to fetch per page


If TRUE will output a data.frame of a subset of info from the builds, merged with the list of triggers from cr_buildtrigger_list. Set to FALSE to return a list of Build objects similar to output from cr_build_status


The field you want to filter on. Will validate.


The type of comparision for the filter


The value for the filter's field. Auto-formats POSIXct and Date objects


When data_frame_output=TRUE results are sorted with the latest buildStartTime in the first row

If filter is NULL then this will return all historic builds. To use filters, ensure you use "" and not '' to quote the fields e.g. 'status!="SUCCESS"' and 'status="SUCCESS"' - see Filtering build results docs. cr_build_list_filter helps you construct valid filters. More complex filters can be done using a combination of paste and cr_build_list_filter() - see examples

Use POSIXct via functions like Sys.time to have them formatted into valid timestamps for time related fields, or Date objects via functions like Sys.Date

See also


if (FALSE) { # merge with buildtrigger list cr_build_list() # output a list of build objects cr_build_list(data_frame_output=FALSE) # output a list of builds that failed using raw string cr_build_list('status!="SUCCESS"') # output builds for a specific trigger using raw string cr_build_list('trigger_id="af2c7ddc-e4eb-4170-b938-a4babb53bac6"') # use cr_build_list_filter to help validate filters failed_builds <- cr_build_list_filter("status","!=","SUCCESS") cr_build_list(failed_builds) f1 <- cr_build_list_filter( "trigger_id","=","af2c7ddc-e4eb-4170-b938-a4babb53bac6") cr_build_list(f1) # do AND (and other) filters via paste() and cr_build_list_filter() cr_build_list(paste(f1, "AND", failed_builds)) # builds in last 5 days last_five <- cr_build_list_filter("create_time", ">", Sys.Date() - 5) cr_build_list(last_five) # builds in last 60 mins last_hour <- cr_build_list_filter("create_time", ">", Sys.time() - 3600) cr_build_list(last_hour) # builds for this package's buildtrigger gcr_trigger_id <- "0a3cade0-425f-4adc-b86b-14cde51af674" gcr_bt <- cr_build_list_filter( "trigger_id", value = gcr_trigger_id) gcr_builds <- cr_build_list(gcr_bt) # get logs for last build last_build <- gcr_builds[1,] last_build_logs <- cr_build_logs(log_url = last_build$bucketLogUrl) tail(last_build_logs, 10) }